Hello i am Makis Serafimidis

‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. This is the quote that sums up Makis Serafimidis’ approach to Podiatry; a field which he’s been involved with since 1990.


After completing his studies, he attended a series of specialised seminars in Germany and he equipped his whole studio from there. ‘Studio Serafimidi’ is a space that introduced some new –unknown until then – foot therapy techniques to the people of Thessaloniki.

His need to expand his horizons, urged him to travel around the world in order to get training on foot therapy and partake in some of the best exhibitions in the industry.

Being in touch with the foreign markets, led him into getting involved with trade; more specifically, importing the finest breakthrough beauty products and pricing them reasonably for the Greek standards. In 2004, he created ‘The Nail Store’ which provides now both wholesale and retail products. It also supplies professional equipment across Greece, while being an exclusive distributor for companies from all over the world.

Meanwhile, ‘Twenty Nails’ was created, with the vision to provide high-quality services on manicure, pedicure and tanning in order to indulge men and women, ensuring they leave with a smile on their face. Now we have highly qualified, professional beauticians and cosmetologists working with us.

Because he wanted to take things a step further and stay on top of the business, Makis Serafimidis created the ‘Twenty Nails’ franchise. Whilst recruiting for that project, he came across a serious deficiency when it comes to therapeutic pedicure training and general knowledge of Podiatry. This is how he came up with the idea of providing seminars in order to share his knowledge, the technical know-how and supply the appropriate equipment to other professionals, who are about to start their own business.

His new project ‘The Podiatrist’ got born through this journey. Makis Serafimidis wants to share his experience and relay the knowledge he has gained over the years to people who are interested in Podiatry. If you are one of them, he invites you to attend a series of seminars of unconventional approach and structure.

The seminars which he will be giving, will be happening in a real-world environment (in a fully operational, realistic working salon) and aim to actively support the students, give them opportunities to evolve their skills and make their ambitions happen, by entering the ranks of the most accomplished professionals in the business.

Furthermore, he offers new counseling services, as well as equipment supplies, to whoever wants to create their own business, excel their competition and stand out in this field.