Podiatry Seminars by Makis Serafimidis

A successful professional should always be up-to-date on his chosen field, getting informed about all the new techniques, in order to improve the provided services. Makis Serafimidis introduces a new series of seminars that are targeted at the Beauty Industry Professionals, or even students who want to pursue a career as a Podiatrist.

With the conclusion of each seminar, you will be receiving a certificate and a ‘Podiatry Seminar’ book, a handout proved to be necessary when on the job. Moreover, you can opt to attend to more than one seminars, by choosing the individual modules that interest you. The prices are adjusted accordingly for participants booking more than one seminar.

The seminars we offer are:


A full training seminar on the basic knowledge and technical know-how for treating any tired foot.

No previous experience is required for this module, which is an introduction to the world of Podiatry.

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A comprehensive training on Podiatry or beginners. This seminar provides complete training: starting from the basic principles and therapies, reaching up to targeted problems and cures. After completing the seminar, you will be able to start a career as a specialised Podiatrist/Podologist; you will be able to diagnose and treat every foot problem as well as help with pathological conditions of the toes, nails and foot.


Furthermore, you will be having the demanding knowledge to deal with a variety of problems and advise accordingly, while treating each case and preventing further damage. More specifically, you will be able to deal with ailments such as: fungal nail infections (onychomycosis), onychogryphosis, hyperkeratosis of the nail – calluses, cracked heels, nail malformations, ingrown toe nails (onychocryptosis), boils and treating a diabetic foot. In addition, you will be able to use advanced techniques and all the equipment that a specialised podologist needs.

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Specialized seminar for professionals, targeted on this specific condition. Calluses are stiff areas of skin created by constant pressure and friction, usually caused by improper footwear.

During the seminar, we explain how hyperkeratosis develops and what the morphology of each callus indicates.  The professional will be able to understand the reasons of the condition, the treating techniques and will be able to advise on its prevention. After completing the seminar, one will be able to deal with any case of hyperkeratosis.

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A seminar for the most common nail disease, the nail fungus, which can cause deterioration on the nail appearance and cause a lot of pain. This is a seminar for professionals, who will be taught everything a specialised Podiatrist/Podologist needs to know.

More specifically, the professional will be able to recognise the symptoms of the fungal infection, the most common types of fungus and the predisposing factors that lead to the condition.

In addition, a variety of therapies will be presented, depending on the severity of the infection, to enable therapists to offer their services to any patient.

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A qualified Podiatrist/Podologist can use a variety of techniques to provide appropriate treatment.

The professional, who will attend this seminar, will take all the necessary knowledge about orthonychia.

This latest treatment of ingrown toenails, involves putting a small brace on the nail, in order to correct the ingrowth and gradually help the nail grow as it should.

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A specialised seminar on ingrown toenails, a very painful condition. The professional attending this seminar, will gain specialized knowledge on the condition, on its causes and symptoms and therapeutic techniques.

Moreover, the professional will be able to deal with the most demanding cases and provide a special, therapeutic pedicure, that could include partial onychectomy (nail edge ablation) and provide an effective cure.

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A specialised seminar on these harmless bumps that appears on hands and feet.

The participant will learn how warts are developed in the human body and the different types of virus that cause the disease.

Moreover, with the completion of the seminar, the participant will be trained on all possible treatments and therapies to be offered at the patient.

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Patients who suffer from diabetes should carefully look after their feet because, due to the gradual insensitivity in the limbs or poor blood circulation, they are particularly prone to infections.

This is a seminar for professionals who want to specialise in offering this unique treatment and service.

Having attended the seminar, the participant will have a thorough understanding of all the possible problems a diabetic foot could have; he will be able to recognize any signs of neuropathy and poor blood circulation, recognise all the symptoms and manage to treat a diabetic patient.

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